Jorelle was born from our mutual love of art, design, greenery and interiors. We wanted to create a brand that was meaningful, conscientious and nurturing of up and coming artists.
With these intentions we set about collaborating with talented local artists to create bespoke collections of hand painted plant pots, as well as created our own 'house collection' of hand painted block colours. We truly appreciate the value of human touch and the quality that derives from hand made products, it takes a bit more time but in our view the end result can't be matched. 
In addition to the pots we've also curated our own range of tropical, easy care indoor plants. We buy top quality greenery directly from growers within the UK and Europe in an aim to keep our carbon footprint at a minimum. We're committed to using good quality materials and engaging in ethical means of production. Our terracotta pots are made from 100% Italian virgin clay, which has been sourced within 100km of where they are made and fired, by a company that has been going for 40+ years. All of our paints and varnishes are water-based rather than oil-based and we and we make it our mission to pay above industry standard fair pay.  
Whether our pieces find a home in residential or commercial spaces, contemporary and quality design is at the heart of all that we do.
Fleurie Thomas & Francesca Day 
Good friends Fleurie & Fran were inspired to set up Jorelle after many years travelling and living abroad. Loving all things creative, aesthetic and heavily design lead meant that many days were spent trawling through souks, soaking up markets, absorbing contemporary design and learning about craftsmanship from times gone by. 
It was in fact their first trip to Marrakesh and specifically a visit to the botanical Majorelle Gardens (created by artist Jacques Majorelle in the 1920's & 30's which became famous for his extensive use of cobalt blue, later coining the term Majorelle blue) that inspired both the companies name and colour palettes.  
Fleurie & Fran met over 10 years ago at university whilst studying Textiles at CSM and Fashion at LCF. They have remained great friends ever since and have both extensively worked and set up companies within creative industries such as interiors, fashion & hospitality.
Fleurie's textile expertise and talent for creating beautifully handcrafted objects combined with Fran's eye for styling and experience in branding have provided the foundation in which Jorelle has been built upon.
They are incredibly passionate about designing for the human senses and evoking emotions of happiness through aesthetics, tactility and wellness, all of which continually influence their creative process.  
There is a great synergy between the working relationship and the pair often say that working with each other, on a project that's been in the pipeline for many years is a dream come true.